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Monitoring Lumbar Pain Using Smart Lumbar Belt

EasyChair Preprint no. 9824

7 pagesDate: March 5, 2023


500,000 to 800,000 humans are struggling with the pain due to seating in the same posture for many hours for their daily work. In this pandemic circumstance, the younger generation is getting impacted and the number of cases rises, also leading to spinal cord difficulties substantially the lower back discomfort. The spinal cord is the longest bone and is surrounded by rings of bone in the human body used to detect the lower back pain we choose the lumbar (L1 to L5) and pelvic (S1 to S4) regions in the vertebrae. In the middle of the bones, intervertebral discs are found and provide more flexibility in movement. The common type of pain is caused because of bad posture, long sitting hours and lack of exercise. The lower back pain occurred due to the muscles being more focused on this project

Keyphrases: bad posture, EMG sensor, lumbar pain

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