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A Methodological Study of Key Factors Attributing to Rise in Demand of Emergency Medical Services in India

EasyChair Preprint no. 3052

12 pagesDate: March 26, 2020


Ambulance Services in India have been provided by firms like EMRI (later known as GVK EMRI) with a primary aim of providing outputs like transporting emergencies, transport ofnon-emergencies, stand-by services, casualties, first aid, fire as well as police emergencies. Emergency transport involves transporting people who required immediate and urgent medical attention as well as care to appropriate facilities like hospitals. Apart from this non-emergency transport involves transport for not so emergency cases like transfer of old age patients to an institution is also provided by these services.

The objectives of this study are to explore and understand the absolute needs of emergency response services as well as the ever-rising utilization curve of these services. The effects of different types of accidents such as fire accidents, traffic accidents, road accidents & industrial accidents, diseases like heart attack & stroke, total population & gender wise population, maternal institutional deliveries that affect the demand of emergency ambulance services like 108,102/104 and other hospital ambulances across various states in India have also been studied in depth. Thus, this study undertaken can significantly enhance the emergency medical services supply to the Indian states thereby improving the health care industry of the country. Finally, a framework of models based on cluster analysis and panel data regression modelling have been developed in this study that provides suitable insights into different main and interaction effects that would be of use to the policymaker of centre as well as states in coming out with appropriate policy on utilization of emergency services in improving the gross health of the country.

Keyphrases: Ambulance Services, cluster analysis, Indian States, Panel Regression.

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