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Smart Shopping Trolley

EasyChair Preprint no. 2627

2 pagesDate: February 10, 2020


 Smart Shopping Trolley is basically a project which conventionally comes under the IOT sector. IOT has boosted the technology in our day to day life. Almost everywhere the IOT has its hands such as industries, locomotion, education, accommodations (smart buildings & smart cities) , security, shopping , etc. Easy & efficient work execution is the main objective of this technology. This project comes under the application area of shopping. Shopping is one of the trending area which has customers everyday. But yet the traditional way of shopping in malls and marts or any grocery shops are very time consuming . As it is said time matters, the proposed project will not only helps the costumers but also the retailers or a shopkeeper in calculations of bills of the inventories as fast as possible. This trolley is cheapest & easy to be handled by anyone. Trolley basically consist of the two main features which are , firstly , the overall calculation of the total bill of the inventories inside the trolley & secondly, budget reminder buzzer facility .Components such as RFID module, RFID tags, keypad, lcd display, arduino mega are used here for the smart shopping trolley implementation & design. RFID module , RFID tags , lcd display arduino mega are used for the calculation of total bill & buzzer, keypad, arduino mega works together in providing the budget buzzer facility. The working of smart shopping trolley is in such a way that whenever the user keep its product inside the trolley the RFID reads the RFID tag and provides its diplay on the lcd along with its total calculation. If the user wants the reminder of its budget , the keypad is the way through which user will enter its own budget. If the budget exceeds the buzzer will starts alarming. If the user wants to change its budget he or she may change it by using the change option provided in keypad. Hence this project is very useful and will have a great demand in future.

Keyphrases: Automation Business Analysis, Central Billing Unit, IoT, RFID reader, RFID tag

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