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Design of an Internet of Things Based One to One Replacement Smart Switch

EasyChair Preprint no. 5700

4 pagesDate: June 4, 2021


Internet of Things (IoT) conceptualizes the idea of remotely connecting and monitoring real-world objects (things) through the Internet. When it comes to our house, this concept can be aptly incorporated to make it smarter, safer, and automated. This paper focuses on building a smart switch that can be replaced by the existing manual switches(actuators) which control (turns ON/OFF) all the electrical appliances in the house. The leverage obtained by preferring this smart switch over the existing manual switches is that the electrical appliances can be controlled remotely by the user on his phone from any distance connected to the internet via WIFI connected microcontroller managed system inside said smart switch. The efficient use of electricity and peace of mind of the consumer or owner is achieved by using the said smart switch. The said microcontroller used in the current prototype is the Arduino micro with ESP8266 WIFI module making use of which all the electrical appliances inside the home can be controlled and managed.

Keyphrases: Arduino, Home Automation, IEEE 802.11x, Internet, Internet of Things(IoT), Smart Home

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