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Implementation of Industrial Style Concept to Bebek Kaleyo Restaurant Interior Element

EasyChair Preprint no. 8662

7 pagesDate: August 11, 2022


Interior design holds an important role in expressing the impression of a space. The concept and philosophy that are trying to be channelled from a space can be seen and felt by the design of the interior itself. Interior designs are also capable of bringing the atmosphere that influences the mood of the people inside it. Not only that, designers are also required to be able to maximise the usage of the materials effectively and efficiently. An efficient and effective material usage will minimise costs and reduce waste, and this also includes interior designing for restaurants. In this project, Bebek Kaleyo picks industrial style as the design for their new restaurant. Industrial design basically uses monochromatic colours, while the materials in the application have rough textures, such as bricks and metals, to give it a more masculine character and an unfinished feel. There have been several researches regarding industrial design itself, but a research on the upside of using industrial style is yet to be done. The design is worked on programmatically through analysis technique using descriptive qualitative methods by gathering factual data from observation and refers to the client's requirements through interview. The final result of the design is application of industrial style to the interior elements of Bebek Kaleyo, which expects to reach the optimum result in order to bring positive effects to the management and the customers, both aesthetically and functionally. This article is addressed to students majoring in interior design, students who are currently in internship or currently designing an interior using industrial style on a restaurant..

Keyphrases: Bebek Kaleyo, element, Industrial, Interior.

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