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Influence of Perceived Quality on the Overall Satisfaction Experience of Hotel Guests

EasyChair Preprint no. 9837

20 pagesDate: March 7, 2023


In the last couple of years, the hotel industry has experienced numerous changes that were partly a result of the accelerated technological process, changed consumer preferences in tourism and stormy health, economic and political events that made the quality of products and services the main priority of hotel management. In order to survive in an increasingly competitive market, hotel companies must be ready to adapt and modify their business processes. Leading hotel organizations essentially deal with the expectations and satisfaction of their guests, but also with the analysis of the experienced hotel service and those elements of the physical environment of the hotel, i.e. the destination, which have a direct impact on the perception of quality. Achieving adequate quality in the hotel industry is a complex process and requires certain knowledge and skills in all hotel departments and the necessary interaction with hotel staff. Quality management in a hotel is only possible with continuously trained employees focused on guest satisfaction, which ultimately results in higher revenue, lower costs and increased value for a hotel that manages quality. Through this work, the influence of the expected quality of hotel service on the overall experience of the guest with the hotel and its service was investigated. The hypotheses that will be tested in the paper will indicate the relationship between the perceived quality of service in the hotel and the physical environment of the hotel, its attractiveness, the construction of the destination, interaction with employees, accompanying hotel services and amenities in the hotel. At the same time, an effort will be made to determine the correlation between the perceived level of service quality in the hotel and the motive for choosing the hotel, as well as the necessity of interaction and building a positive relationship with service providers.

Keyphrases: consumer satisfaction in tourism, overall experience, Quality Management

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