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The Energy-Water-Food Nexus Architecture for the Optimal Resource Allocation

EasyChair Preprint no. 6959

5 pagesDate: October 30, 2021


For sustainable development, potable water, green energy and fresh food are essential resources that are required by any society. Much devotion is given to energy and water infrastructures due to an interlinked networked system of global concerns under the energy-water-food (EWF) nexus paradigm. Generally, these infrastructure systems deliver power and water through separate and uncoupled systems. However, these are coupled infrastructures serving in their respective domains. Considering these interdependent networked systems, the power, water and food infrastructures required joint optimization. In this regard, a joint optimization program has been developed to optimally allocate the energy and water that includes power, water and co-generation facilities. Therefore, a mathematical optimization program for simultaneous co-dispatch of power and water from power generation, water production and cogeneration facilities is first developed. This optimization model runs considering production, demand, transmission and process limits. Furthermore, the inclusion of a co-generation facility helps in alleviating the binding constraints and leads to flat power generation and water production with reduced cost. Moreover, the proposed model is designed to follow a systematic approach in achieving the optimal results without violating the limits based on which the plants can easily achieve optimal control.

Keyphrases: energy management, Energy-Water-Food nexus, nonlinear optimization, power flow, water distribution network

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