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College Attendance System Using Face Recognition

EasyChair Preprint no. 7519

5 pagesDate: March 3, 2022


We know how much time we waste in talking student’s attendance manually, so for that we have to have an efficient system to manage our time. In our system we will install a camera in front of the classroom which will detect the faces and capture the image of the student face and then match with the faces present in the database and mark the present student as present. The whole world is suffering from Covid-19 and it is high time we must give heed to social distancing. Having a safe distance with others has become a necessity nowadays. Times like this can be problematic if you have a manual attendance system, also keep you at a safe distance from them as you can work remotely and still see who all are coming and going. However, usual methods of going to university can present a variety of problems. Offices or workplaces or even just public places where the entry and exit times of employees or a person are strictly noted down will have a ready-made automated system to record the entry and exit time of each person for a given time. It won’t even need the person to stop and click a photo, the software’s are advanced enough to record the data from a continuous reel and also Cost-effective. This paper will introduce an automatic system where the attendance of the student is marked as present by his/her presence in the class with the help of the face detection and face recognition in the database.

Keyphrases: face detection, face recognition, Haar Classifier

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