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Criminal Investigation Tracker with Suspect Prediction

EasyChair Preprint no. 9312

5 pagesDate: November 12, 2022


An automated approach to identifying offenders in Sri Lanka would be better than the current system. Obtaining information from eyewitnesses is one of the less reliable approaches and procedures still in use today. Automated criminal identification has the ability to save lives, notwithstanding Sri Lankan culture's lack of awareness of the issue. Using cutting-edge technology like biometrics to finish this task would be the most accurate strategy. The most notable outcomes will be obtained by applying fingerprint and face recognition as biometric techniques. The main responsibilities will be image optimization and criminality. CCTV footage may be used to identify a person's fingerprint, identify a person's face, and identify crimes involving weapons. Additionally, we unveil a notification system and condense the police report to Additionally, to make it simpler for police officers to understand the essential points of the crime, we develop a notification system and condense the police report. Additionally, if an incident involving a weapon is detected, an automated notice of the crime with all the relevant facts is sent to the closest police station. The summarization of the police report is what makes this the most original. In order to improve the efficacy of the overall image, the system will quickly and precisely identify the full crime scene, identify, and recognize the suspects using their faces and fingerprints, and detect firearms. This study provides a novel approach for crime prediction based on real-world data, and criminality incorporation. A crime or occurrence should be reported to the appropriate agencies, and the suggested web application should be improved further to offer a workable channel of communication.

Keyphrases: Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), face recognition, Fingerprint detection, Police Report, Summarizing, weapon-related

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