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Concession of Transport Infrastructure: the Brazilian Case

EasyChair Preprint no. 11337

13 pagesDate: November 20, 2023


The present paper presents an analysis of the recent concession policies undertaken to foster transport investment in Brazil. As fiscal restrictions have increased in severity, this investment has dwindled below the levels necessary to maintain the existing network and to develop and expand. Consequently, private investment has become an mandatory option. This paper analyses the concession policies and contracts implemented in Brazil and highlights the limitations of this option. The paper reveals that the loss of capacity for the planning, design, and management of complex contracts has led to the government’s growing dependence on the private sector, whereby contracts are designed and performed according to the financial interests at the expense of public ones. By analyzing the issues of transport funding, the paper addresses a circularity problem: regional growth requires infrastructure investment, the viability of which depends on regional growth. As a response to the described shortfalls in transport infrastructure investment, the paper concludes by proposing an innovative institutional framework that foresees a more integrative planning and investment programme in infrastructure, industry, and public services.

Keyphrases: Concessions, Funding, Public Private Partnerships, regional development, Spatial Development Initiative, Transport infrastructure investment, transport planning

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