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Methods of Improving Power Indices of Electric Drive Active Rectifiers for Mine Hoists

EasyChair Preprint no. 5732

7 pagesDate: June 6, 2021


The research deals with analyzing peculiarities of using active rectifiers in frequency controlled electric drives of underground mine hoists. There are developed MATLAB models aimed at comparing two types of control systems – hysteresis-based and the one with pulse-width modulation. The research aims to analyze power modes and parameters of active rectifiers, quality of voltage control, current and power of active rectifiers and to determine ways of improving power indices of electric equipment of hoists as well as provide power compatibility of electric equipment and underground mines’ grids. Main attention is paid to analyzing circuitry of control systems of active rectifiers, parameters of power transformers and reactor equipment at underground mines’ substations, frequency converters and synchronous slow-speed motors. There are also analyzed statistic data on power consumption at underground mines equipped with automated systems of commercial and technical power meters and specific consumption of power. The research results reveal advantages of the pulse-width modulation control system as compared with the hysteresis one by using such indices as speed-performance, quality of control, potential of controlling reactive power and the power factor. Application of the research results will enable determining structures and methods of adjusting control over the active rectifier in the frequency-controlled drive of underground mine hoists. Further research is aimed at improving energy efficiency of active rectifiers and reducing their impact on the grid.

Keyphrases: one, three, two

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