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The Role of Standardized Questionnaires in Promoting Fairness and Objectivity in Student Conduct Evaluation

EasyChair Preprint no. 13464

17 pagesDate: May 29, 2024


Fair and objective student conduct evaluation is crucial for maintaining a fair and supportive educational environment. However, traditional evaluation methods often suffer from biases and subjectivity. This abstract explores the role of standardized questionnaires in promoting fairness and objectivity in student conduct evaluation.


Standardized questionnaires are carefully designed instruments that provide a structured framework for evaluating student conduct. They offer several advantages, including mitigating biases, enhancing fairness, and promoting objectivity in the evaluation process. By employing standardized questionnaires, evaluators can reduce the influence of personal opinions and judgments, ensuring a consistent and equitable assessment of student behavior.


This abstract also highlights the benefits and limitations of standardized questionnaires. While they contribute to fair and objective evaluation, concerns regarding their limitations are addressed, such as potential issues with questionnaire design, administration, and interpretation. Strategies to mitigate these limitations are also discussed, including the importance of proper training for evaluators and the ongoing refinement of questionnaire items.


Ethical considerations related to the use of standardized questionnaires in student conduct evaluation are addressed as well. Topics such as privacy, confidentiality, and transparency are discussed, emphasizing the need for informed consent and respectful handling of sensitive information.

Keyphrases: Benefits, best practices, limitations, Questionnaire design, Standardized questionnaires, student conduct evaluation

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