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A Case Study on Urban Flood Modelling in Sydney using DRAINS and HEC-RAS

EasyChair Preprint no. 717

14 pagesDate: January 7, 2019


Flood mapping is a crucial element of flood risk management in both rural and urban development projects. In small and ungauged basins, empirical and regionalisation approaches are often adopted to estimate design flood hydrographs that represent input data into a hydraulic model. The limitations of observed runoff data in urban catchments in Australia present a major challenge with respect to direct model calibration and verification. This paper presents a case study on flood risk assessment in a small urban development project in Sydney, Australia. For this purpose, DRAINS and HEC-RAS models are adopted. It is noted that in Australia a more holistic approach of flood modelling (e.g. Monte Carlo simulation) is advocated in the recent edition of Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR), the national guide. However, there is limited data availability in applying such holistic approaches.

Keyphrases: Drains, Floods, HEC-RAS, Monte Carlo simulation

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