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Fabrication and Performance Analysis of a Solar Electric Stove (SES) and Performance Analysis of Developed Stove

EasyChair Preprint no. 6874

4 pagesDate: October 19, 2021


Saving energy is now one of the major concerns for the researchers. Still a lot of fossil fuels are being consumed directly or indirectly just for cooking and hence affecting the global environment. With the rapid increase in demand of energy for cooking in proportion with population increase, it will not take much time to finish all the resources that are available now. In this research, a Solar Electric Stove with an input power of 12V DC elegantly solves the issue of intermittent power by allowing seamless integration with small scale solar installations and solar-based micro-grids instead of a grid connection. The power will come from the national grid when, panel and battery are not giving sufficient power to the load. In this research an Electric Charge Controller will be developed to ensure safety of the system and store charge in the Battery. A Solar Electric Stove (SES) is considered as an amazing circuit which is capable of converting electricity into heat with utmost efficiency and without much loss. The SES is the first of its kind and represents a new contribution to both the field of induction heating and the field of clean cooking solutions for the developing world because it’s not emits hazardous fumes and harmful GHG gas.

Keyphrases: Battery, Charge Controller, Solar panel, stove

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