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Physical Information Cognitive Computing and Its System Analysis:Take the Particle Wave as an Example

EasyChair Preprint no. 9899

8 pagesDate: March 31, 2023


It aims to further understand the third cognitive sublimation of wave-particle duality by top experts through computer AI cognitive computing and system analysis. The method: 1 Review the three cognitive processes of human experts on wave-particle duality; 2 Use the computing for formal information processing; 3 Build a human-machine collaborative smart system to show how to form chemically understand the advanced knowledge of the frontiers of physics. It is characterized in that it combines the physical facts recorded by the three formulas to analyze with the help of computer formal understanding and interdisciplinary expert understanding, and highlights the verifiability and easy repeatability of cognitive computing. The result is that it is not only conducive to popularizing the knowledge of experts for the three cognitive sublimation of wave-particle duality, but also can be demonstrated through the AI cognitive computing process and its intelligent system, so as to be recognized by the international academic and higher education circles 's practice. Its significance lies in revealing the advanced knowledge of quantum physics and information physics, which is transmitted between the three formulas, from the three aspects of physical quality, energy and information quantity through human-machine cooperation. It is particularly worth mentioning that the previous knowledge accumulation is only desirable material here, and then the creative triple-jump method is used to re-analyze the cognitive process and expert system of wave-particle duality top experts from a new academic perspective. The cognitive computing approach provides an example for the inheritance of advanced knowledge and further innovation.

Keyphrases: Cognitive Computing, formal information processing, Formal Understanding, human-machine collaborative system, information physics, interdisciplinary expert understanding, quantum physics, system analysis, wave-particle duality

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