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The Innovation of the Geography Education Curriculum in Vietnam

EasyChair Preprint no. 2450

14 pagesDate: January 23, 2020


In Vietnam, since December 28, 2018, the General Education Curriculum has just been renewed after 15 years-period application to suit the practical requirements. Accordingly, the Geography Education Curriculum also changes in K-12 education. It is a landmark and comprehensive improvement in all areas, including the developing education curriculum viewpoint, goals and content of Geography Education Curriculum, the orientation of education methods and evaluation. The key improvements compared to the Current Curriculum are: - Schools Geography Education Curriculum 2018 is designed to the orientation of developing learners' competencies and qualities instead of the Current content-oriented Curriculum. The Geography competencies for students are well defined. - The contents of Geography are streamlined and updated to suit the modern geography development. - The New Geography Curriculum focuses on experiential learning and assessment for the learner's progress. - One Geography Education Curriculum is applied in the whole country but many textbooks will be written, and the curriculum operation will change to suit the actual local conditions. This approach has not appeared in the Current Curriculum. This article provides a complete, systematic and comprehensive picture of the improvements in the Geography Education Curriculum in Vietnam. Based on that, the author proposes solutions for training Geography teacher students at universities and retraining Geography teachers to meet the requirements for the New Geography Curriculum.

Keyphrases: Education methods, Geography Education Curriculum, textbooks

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