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Positive Psychology as a Counterweight to Youth Economic Deprivation

EasyChair Preprint no. 5628

7 pagesDate: May 27, 2021


The article deals with the topical problem of economic deprivation of young women and men and alternatives for overcoming it through the introduction of the psycho-correctional practices of positive psychology. The subject of the study is to find out the gender symmetry or its violation in the position of the subjectivity of genders in the choice of life activity strategy. The conceptual model of positive psychology and its components as the indicators of the psychological state of young women and men in personal and professional self-determination are presented. The social and psychological factors that determine the satisfaction of the youth with the choice of a job and its content, the ability to direct and adjust the requests and motivations of young women and men in searching for a more successful professional and social future have been substantiated. It has been found out that overcoming gender inequality in social and economic status, and a sense of economic deprivation of the youth is possible by internalizing the basic principles of economic culture through learning, development and involvement in positive psychology.

Keyphrases: one, three, two

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