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An Internet of Things assisted Smart Hand Sanitizer with Health Monitoring System help to reduce rapid spread of COVID-19

EasyChair Preprint no. 4674

6 pagesDate: December 1, 2020


This research work presents an Internet of Things assisted Smart Hand Sanitizer that can sanitize hand successfully in addition it collects some necessary facts such that Humidity of ambiance, body temperature of people automatically, additionally it monitors the liquid stage of sanitizer and geographical location of device to the ThingSpeak cloud server. Such necessary information collected, processed and transferred to ThingSpeak cloud server thru ESP8266 nodeMCU WiFi network. This fact is analysed and show thru line graph or gauge in channel. This technique is carried out the usage of IoT technology. One can get sanitizer liquid stage records rapidly so that it can be refilled with much less interruption of the service. Sanitizer dispensing hand-sanitizer liquid can generate spray mist to users’ hand with minimal liquid. This automated equipment can be use in educational, healthcare, economic group in public. This gadget makes use of much less hand-sanitizer liquid and has much less electricity consumption. This work can be beneficial in enhancing the way to sanitize hand, monitoring individual’s fitness that can assist to forestall hand transmission of corona virus Disease-2019. This equipment generates excessive strain droplets of sanitizer that can sanitize the pores and skin and edges of nail tips. Cloud server store all information alongside geographic positional coordinate that is continuously gotten from the device through GPS sensor can spare opportunity to discover sanitizer device through contains low level liquid and can top off fluid rapidly

Keyphrases: assisted smart hand sanitizer, COVID-19, hand sanitizer, NodeMCU, ThingSpeak, thingspeak server cloud

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