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Applications of MEMS Sensors in Automotive Industry

EasyChair Preprint no. 3337

3 pagesDate: May 5, 2020


In today’s digital world, where many things are automating, sensors are considered as a key component. A MEMS sensor is one of the most promising technologies nowadays. Mems are short for Micro Electro Mechanical Systems. As the name implies, it is a microscopic integrated device that is a combination of electronics, electrical and mechanical elements, all working together for a single functional requirement. If a sensor is designed and manufactured using the MEMS technology, then it is termed as a MEMS Sensor. There have been a variety of applications of MEMS Sensors ranging from defense to industries, medicine, computing and communications, robotics and automobiles, etc. In this paper, the applications of MEMS sensors in automobiles have been discussed.

Keyphrases: Accelerometer, Automobiles, Gyroscope, MEMS, Sensors

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