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Leveraging SDN for Real World Windfarm Process Automation Architectures

EasyChair Preprint no. 11305

9 pagesDate: November 16, 2023


SCADA systems are the main part of automated controls and supervision in industrial control systems (ICS). Current SCADA systems are installed in sophisticated, complex architectures involving many third-party subsystems connected to the Internet for remote access/control and system updates. The existing architectures used in windfarms are based on classical switches where everything is enabled by default with plug-and-play ports, and where the administrator is required to interact with the physical infrastructure to decide what to disable such as unused ports, and insecure services (Telnet, HTTP)—the classical switches have limited functions and logic. Software-defined networking (SDN) is an eminent technology, it decouples the control and data planes, centralizes logically the network devices, and abstracts the network infrastructure from the application layers. Therefore, it can interact with upstream applications to allow users to extend the functionality of a programmable network. Protocols like IEC61850+ (60870-5-104) or (60870-5-101) are commonly used in SCADA networks to operate critical infrastructures(CI), such as power plants and substations. It is the protocol used to collect data and operate the wind interfaces; however, these protocols have never been tested in SDN. Emulation environments, such as Mininet, which is the closest work reported in the literature, do not reflect the real world with real devices. Therefore, this paper aims to leverage SDN technology in SCADA architecture for world wind farm projects. Two SDN controllers were implemented and compared, namely OpenDaylight and Ryu

Keyphrases: Automation, OpenDaylight, Ryu, SCADA, SDN, windfarm

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