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Multicriteria Optimization of Oil and Gas Enterprises Financial Stability Using the Genetic Algorithm Method

EasyChair Preprint no. 5664

6 pagesDate: June 2, 2021


The article considers the problem of optimizing the financial condition of oil and gas companies. The offered methods of optimization of a financial condition by scientists from different countries are investigated. It is determined that the financial condition of the enterprise depends on the effectiveness of the risk management system of enterprises. It is proved that the enterprises of the oil and gas complex need to develop a system for risk management to ensure the appropriate financial condition. The financial condition is estimated according to the system of certain financial indicators, the integrated indicator of financial condition assessment is constructed using the method of taxonomy. According to the results of the calculation of the integrated indicator, it is concluded that this indicator does not have a stable trend. On the basis of the conducted researches it is offered to carry out optimization of an integral indicator of a financial condition with use of genetic algorithm in the MatLab environment. Based on the obtained results, recommendations of the management of the researched enterprises on increase of management efficiency are given.

Keyphrases: one, three, two

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