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Hybrid Model of Morphometric Analysis and Statistical Correlation for Hydrological Units Prioritization

EasyChair Preprint no. 3070

20 pagesDate: March 29, 2020


Watershed and natural resources management of the large-scale drainage networks is of utmost importance for sustainable development. In this research, seven morphometric parameters including area, drainage density, bifurcation ratio, mean weighted slope, net and gross slope of the mainstream, and mean weighted elevation are obtained through the digital elevation model (DEM). In order to determine the proportion relationship between watersheds morphometric parameters and erosion, Pearson's correlation and multivariate stepwise regression were applied. It was found that erosion rate has the most correlation with the area factor in the following, the factor of the area and drainage density were introduced into the multivariate stepwise regression model. In order to prioritize hydrologic units using the method of sediment yield index (SYI) and Combined method of morphometric analysis and statistical correlation (CMS). The results showed that according to the SYI, B1 hydrologic unit was the highest priority and according to CMS determined that the B2 unit has the highest priority in terms of water and soil conservation. In morphometric analysis uses variables that include morphological characteristics, physiography, and hydrology, which experience shows that the results of statistical analysis and modeling will be improved when a combination of these variables is introduced into the model. Using a morphometric analysis method is a very suitable method for better access and stability in the watershed with associated information constraints.

Keyphrases: hydraulics, hydrological modeling, Morphometric analysis, Prioritization, sediment yield index (SYI), statistical modeling

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