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Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter For Multiphase Drive Applications

EasyChair Preprint no. 2141

5 pagesDate: December 10, 2019


Multilevel inverter has its own advantages over normal inverter for higher voltage applications. To achieve the multilevel, different techniques are present in literature. In this paper, five-level voltage is modulated for five-phase induction motor drive applications. Multilevel inverter for multiphase drives has combined advantages of multilevel and multiphase drives, which makes the drive good solution for higher voltage applications. In this paper cascaded H-bridge topology is considered for the five-level output voltage formation in the output of the inverter. The five-phase drive is fed from the inverter to perform the closed loop volts/hertz control. The machine runs at different load conditions to verify the modulation technique. The proposed topology is implemented and verified in the MATLAB/Simulink.

Keyphrases: Cascaded H-bridge inverter, five-phase induction motor, Multilevel, Volts/Hertz Control

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