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Fuzzy Corona Medical Expert Systems

EasyChair Preprint no. 11759

4 pagesDate: January 13, 2024


Corona virus is like any other viruses or diseases according to medical experts. Expert Systems are intelligent programs of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Information available to the expert system is incomplete like Corona diagnosis. This  incomplete information is fuzzy rather than probable. Hybrid fuzzy Corona expert systems (HFCES) combination of different fuzzy expert systems of same type co-ordinate and co-operated. In this paper, Hybrid fuzzy Corona expert Systems are studied. Fuzzy inference and fuzzy reasoning are discussed for HFCESFuzzy knowledge representation is disused for HFCES. Someexamples are given for HFCES.

Keyphrases: Corona knowledge representation, fuzzy Corona Expert Systems, fuzzy inference, fuzzy reasoning, hybrid fuzzy Corona expert systems

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