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Augmented Reality in Education

EasyChair Preprint no. 10977

9 pagesDate: September 27, 2023


Technology in the classroom may have an impact on and boost
student motivation and engagement, leading to an effective learning process.
The objective of this research was to document how instructors and students
describe and comprehend how participating in an augmented reality (AR)
simulation enhances or detracts teaching. Augmented reality (AR) has proven
from its debut that it may dramatically improve learning by making it more
interesting, fruitful, and meaningful. In order for consumers to interact with
virtual and live apps and benefit from its cutting-edge technology, this is
necessary. The advantages of AR for education are carefully considered,
showing how they encourage multimodal interaction, contextual
comprehension, and active learning. The curriculum increasingly includes
technology tools for effective instruction.Teachers not only need to use
computers frequently on their own time, but they also need to be very creative
and confident in their abilities to use new technologies that are included into
contemporary teaching. In order to overcome difficulties, the study examines
technical constraints, complicated content creation concerns, and the need for
pedagogical adaptation on the side of educators. Ethics concerns about
privacy and immersive experiences are also mentioned. The study concludes
by imagining a future in which augmented reality continuously redefines
academic norms. It emphasizes the necessity of ongoing research,
collaboration between educators and technologists, and sound
methodological implementation in order to properly employ augmented
reality in education.

Keyphrases: immersive learning, Keywords: Augmented Reality Education, technology integration

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