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An Automated System for Measuring the Level of Fuel in Underground Tanks

EasyChair Preprint no. 10671

5 pagesDate: August 4, 2023


Fuel measurement in petrol stations has been ongoing for a long period of time which is a necessity since it is out measuring the fuel level that once know whether to refill their tanks or not as an owner of the petrol station.

However, the petrol industry faces a major challenge that comes about with measurement of fuel in underground tanks at petrol stations. This problem is brought about by use of dip sticks to measure the level of fuel in the tanks. It results to inaccuracy either due to attendants not having a good view of the level or being malicious and giving incorrect details.

An automated fuel measurement system is an improved way of curbing the challenge of inaccuracy experienced during measurement of fuel levels. The implementation will be by use of a weight sensor which will be put beneath the underground tank. The system is real time based hence it shows the level of fuel as well as the date and the time. The system also generates reports for previous levels shown. Hence the owners can keep track of the fuel levels and get an analysis of the different fuel types giving them information on the consumer’s usage. In cases where there might be a misunderstanding on the level reports and be looked at.

Keyphrases: Arduino board, Automated fuel measurement, Inaccuracy, Sensors

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