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Power Quality Improvement by using STATCOM for DFIG based Wind Energy Conversion System

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13 pagesDate: March 3, 2021


Power quality is a major issue in WECS employing induction generators. Fluctuations in voltage profile and frequency are severe issues due to variations in likely conditions such as wind speed and load variation. In this research, during grid fault, sudden transients and variable wind speed, a comprehensive study of DFIG based wind farm employing self-frequency converters and along with STATCOM is presented. Furthermore, various PQ issues like voltage sag, current harmonics are investigated and such issues are suppressed by employing STATCOM for grid-connected WECS. An FLC based strategy is employed to enhance the performance of STATCOM that reduce the disadvantages of employing fixed gains in PI and fuzzy logic controller. By inspecting the simulation results and controller presentations, we have found that the presented technique improves the PQ by mitigating both the voltage sag and current harmonics efficiently and with a better reliability

Keyphrases: Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIG), Fuzzy Logic Controller, Grid Side Converter, PI controller, Power Quality Enhancement, Rotor side converter, STATCOM

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