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FocusLock : an Android Application to Generate Distraction Free Classroom Environment

EasyChair Preprint no. 12511

3 pagesDate: March 15, 2024


Mobile phones have grown in popularity over the years, and they are now commonplace in schools. Students' use of cell phones during class, on the other hand, might lead to reduced productivity and attention, impairing their academic achievement. The goal of this project is to create a system that can lock students' phones during class to reduce distractions and increase their attention on academics. The suggested method operates by connecting the phones of the students to a host device over a local wireless network using WiFi direct technology. The host device gets the enrollment numbers of the students, which are used to authenticate their attendance. After the students' attendance is confirmed, the system locks their phones, prohibiting them from using their devices during class. The system is user-friendly, and the host device shows a list of linked students for quick attendance verification. The system also contains a way for unlocking the phone in the event of an emergency or other justifiable cause. By eliminating distractions that result from cell phone use, the suggested solution has the possibility of enhancing the learning environment in schools. The system's capacity to automatically collect attendance minimizes the stress on lecturers, making it an effective method for regulating student attendance. The project's goal is to create a dependable and efficient mechanism that can be applied in schools and universities to improve student's learning experiences.

Keyphrases: Attendance, Distraction, Host, Phonelock, technology adoption, Wifidirect

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