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Quantum Generators: Foundations of the Compute Units in Pattern Reconstruction.

EasyChair Preprint no. 4816

7 pagesDate: December 28, 2020


Quantum Generators is a means of achieving mass food production with short production cycles, and when and where required by means of machines rather than land based farming which has serious limitations. The process for agricultural practices for plant growth in different stages is simulated in a machine with a capacity to produce multiple seeds from one seed input using computational models of multiplication (generating multiple copies of kernel in repetition). In this paper, we present the structure of Compute Units resulted by the computational models of multiplication and also present methods related to manipulation of Compute Units so that they can be linked to tissues of the kernel which mimic the real cell structure that grows into full-fledged natural tissue. We use simulation to show that we achieve manipulative structure with respect to the size of the input space and realize good pattern. The results suggest that it is possible to achieve viable cell structure for quantum generation.

Keyphrases: Compute Units, Pattern reconstruction, Quantum Generators, Support Vector Machine

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