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Health Risk Effects Associated with 5g Signal to the Member of the Public

EasyChair Preprint no. 11932

17 pagesDate: February 1, 2024


The 5th generation communication system (5G) with an initial frequency below 6GHz can include the 26 -28 GH bands often called millimeter wave (mmW), providing more capacity than the current 2G, 3G, and 4G RF signals. A concern is emerging over the impact on health and safety ascending from possibly much higher exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation from 5G. Signals emitted by devices such as mobile phones, WiFi, and broadcasting towers will be measured. Blood samples obtained from volunteers will also be subjected to the same signals from the above-mentioned devices. The effect of 5G signals to the members of the public by assessing the cell membrane permeability, nucleon change in the DNA, specific absorption rate (SAR), reactive oxygen species (ROS), and chromosomal aberration. Hence, scientific research is necessary to determine the potential of its benefits over the health risk effects.

Keyphrases: 5G, affects, Health, non-ionizing, Radiation, Radiofrequency, Risk

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