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Design of Temperature and Humidity Sensor in Mushroom Houses Displayed via Wi-Fi

EasyChair Preprint no. 4641

4 pagesDate: November 25, 2020


Mushroom cultivation requires an understanding of the appropriate environment and some related factors, especially the climatic conditions that are suitable for the growth of the mushroom. The factors include temperature, air, humidity, and light: in the stage of preparing the mushroom house, the aforementioned factors need to be properly acclimated for each type of mushroom. According to the significance of setting a suitable environment in the mushroom house that benefits the growth of mushroom, the researchers, therefore, propose a design of a watering sensor to control the temperature and humidity in the mushroom houses. The technology of Wi-Fi temperature and humidity sensor was used in this research and it can be automatically monitored the water system when the temperature or humidity does not meet the optimum values. The sensor provides the user with the convenience of controlling the temperature and humidity and it can be applied to a variety of mushroom farms as well. It was found that the measured value from the temperature sensor is slightly different from the thermometer. Besides, the Solenoid (water system control) is working normally. Therefore, it can be concluded that the temperature and humidity sensors displaying via Wi-Fi and the operation code of Solenoid (Turning on-off water) can work productively. However, further, development is still needed such as designing applications for monitoring temperature and humidity to be easier to use.

Keyphrases: Relay, Solenoid, temperature and humidity sensor

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