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Reference Data Management in the Financial Industry

EasyChair Preprint no. 12606

9 pagesDate: March 19, 2024


Regulatory compliance is a critical aspect of operations for financial institutions, with reference data playing a pivotal role in ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements. This paper examines the intersection of regulatory compliance and reference data management within the financial industry. It explores the challenges faced by financial institutions in maintaining accurate and consistent reference data to meet regulatory mandates, including those imposed by authorities such as MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, and Basel III. Additionally, the paper discusses strategies and best practices for leveraging reference data to streamline regulatory reporting, enhance transparency, and mitigate compliance risks. By implementing robust reference data management practices, financial institutions can navigate the complex regulatory landscape more effectively, ensuring compliance while driving operational efficiency and mitigating risks.

Keyphrases: Financial Industry, Reference Data Management, Regulatory Compliance

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