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A Survey of Cloud Computing Intrusion Detection System and Forensics Approaches

EasyChair Preprint no. 8473

17 pagesDate: July 14, 2022


The Internet has numerous benefits,
but model security remains a concern, which affects cloud embracing negatively. The security challenge gets too difficult underneath data center, while additional dimensions such as model design, multitenancy, elasticity, and the layers dependency stack
have been added to the problem scope. We present a thorough examination of the cloud security challenge in this article. We
looked at the issue from the standpoints of network infrastructure: cloud-provided features, cloud consumers, and cloud service
delivery methods. Based on this research, we developed an in-depth characterization of the data protection challenge and
recommended security solutions that should address the critical aspects of the issue. Cloud computing is an exploding field of
research that relies on distributing computing power instead of using dedicated computers or smart devices. Most of the growth in
this sector is attributed to the indispensability of electronic and digital gadgets and the shift from a traditional IT subscription
model to a unique cloud model. Cloud computing offered a significant danger and difficulty for information system projects, but it
also provided them with several possibilities to improve their data processing. It has also been noted that cloud users and
consumers do not yet have the necessary forensic skills to detect illegal activity in the cloud. Although the cloud offers potential
technological and economic advantages, consumers have been reluctant to adopt it primarily due to security concerns and the
difficulty of conducting an appropriate investigation into the cloud.

Keyphrases: Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Intrusion Detection System

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