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A Survey Based on E-Commerce Website for Visual Impaired People

EasyChair Preprint no. 7874

6 pagesDate: May 1, 2022


As we all know that the E-commerce websites are evolving rapidly and are in demand for purchasing various things, The E-commerce websites make things easier for both sellers and consumers. But the E-commerce companies give less importance to those customers who are visually impaired. This survey paper will deal with the various aspects of E-commerce websites which are being used by visually impaired people independently without taking the help of others to choose and buy the things. This paper will also deal with how with the help of various machine learning techniques the visually impaired people can do each and every step, i.e from registering into an E-commerce website to making the payment independently just by their voice and hovering over the computer screen. This will also help the visually impaired person to purchase the things from the E-commerce website independently without any hassle. This survey paper will also summarize the points on how the previous research work can be improved with various technologies.

Keyphrases: e-commerce website, image processing, machine learning, visual impairment people, Voice Recognition

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