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Estimation Parameters of Unemployment (Case Study in East Java Province)

EasyChair Preprint no. 5556

8 pagesDate: May 19, 2021


Unemployment in an area becomes more serious if there is relatively slow employment growth and a rapid increase in the growth rate of the workforce Unemployment is a very complex problem because it affects and is influenced by many interacting factors, following a pattern that is not always easy to understood. The magnitude of the unemployment rate can be said to be very important in measuring the success of economic development in a region. This research leads to parameter estimation of the unemployment model.Estimated parameters include the rate of unemployment increase,the rate of change in the number of unemployed employed, the rate of people hired resigning or being laid off from their jobs, unemployment mortality rate, labor migration rate, the rate of reduction in job vacancies available due to lack of government funding, the level of infrastructure,and small and medium enterprises.These parameters can affect the unemployment rate , the employment rate , and job vacancies . To overcome the unemployment rate for employment (job vacancies), one of the efforts made by the government is to increase investment, especially in the infrastructure sector, revitalizing supporting facilities for the agricultural sector, and clearing new land and small and medium enterprises.

Keyphrases: estimation, parameters, Unemployment

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