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Motion and Object Recognition for Crime Prediction and Forecasting: a Review

EasyChair Preprint no. 11006

16 pagesDate: October 2, 2023


It is fascinating to see how technology is being
used to monitor and detect potential threats in our society.
Therefore, we propose an algorithm to build a system which
detects crime in public places. To overcome this issue and to
prevent it, the development of automated surveillance
systems which can detect violent, abusive, and abnormal
behaviour in public is an ensuring step towards public safety.
Additionally, crucial to remember is that feature extraction
and detection and motion techniques play a crucial role in
violence detection and such techniques help to identify
specific patterns and behaviors that are indicative of
violence and enable the automated system to recognize and
respond to such events. Through this, we can prevent violent
incidents by enabling early intervention, helping law
enforcement agencies and other organizations to better
understand the patterns and help understand factors that
contribute to violent behaviour.

Keyphrases: Crime Forecasting, crime prediction, Motion and Object Recognition

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