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Structural Design and Analysis of a Blade of a 2 MW Capacity Wind Turbine

EasyChair Preprint no. 4183

3 pagesDate: September 14, 2020


Considering the limitation with the fossil fuels, the use of wind energy for producing power is increasing day by day. Wind Turbines have gained importance due to their usage in electricity production and water pumping applications. According to Betz Law, the ideal efficiency of the turbine is 59.6%. But due to losses, in practice, the wind turbine efficiency is restricted to 40%. One of the important factors which affect the performance of wind turbines is blade design. The focus is to optimize the design of blade by accounting the airfoil selection, variation of pitch angle (twist) along the length of blade and material selection. Structural analysis carried out validates the strength of the blade against bending and twisting failures.

Keyphrases: Airfoil, twist angle, wind turbine blades

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