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1/f Noise: Branching Process Model (II), Computer Simulations

EasyChair Preprint no. 997, version 2

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12 pagesDate: June 24, 2020


Computer simulations are used to test how the branching process model is available to discuss the  problem with the equations described in my previous paper, in which each single particle may branch into several particles, be absorbed or be observed by a detector.  In this work it is assumed that exactly two particles are produced by a branching.  The simulations demonstrate that the power spectrum of a series formed by time intervals between successive detections of particles is characterized by a  distribution in a wide range of frequency (more than seven decades) when a branching rate of a particle is equal to an absorption rate of the particle in the medium.  When the branching rate is less than the absorption rate, the power spectrum turns off from a  distribution in a lower frequency-range.

Keyphrases: 1/f noise, branching process, computer simulation

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