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Force Control Under Contact Motion of a Robotic Machining System

EasyChair Preprint no. 7801

10 pagesDate: April 18, 2022


The purpose of this project is to control the force under contact motion of a robotic machining system. Robot control is the system that controls the movement of different parts of robots and robotic machinery. it deals with the mechanical aspects and programming systems that make the control of robotic machinery possible. Force control enables robotic processes such as grinding, deburring, sanding, and machine polishing. when servicing the machine a torque sensor can help the robot to locate the stop of a fixture when it places the vice on a CNC machine. Force sensors also facilitate product testing packaging and robotic assembly applications. There are two methods to control force active and passive. the passive control system is an open-loop system and not using a way to adjust for force errors' on the other hand active force control system is a closed-loop system that can automatically adjust to force errors. The essential thought behind the force control is the output of the sensor is used to close the loop in the controller, altering each of the joint torque to coordinate the required output. Robots are a highly flexible tool for achieving quality machining. Despite their low stiffness as compared to CNC machines, robots are more capable of performing different types of machining tasks. but there is one issue hard materials are challenging for a piece of robotic machinery. When the tool contacts the surface of any hard material the robot can deflect and the drilled part becomes inaccurate but the force control is a good way to overcome this problem. By using force control robotic machining, machining operations become better because you can precisely control the force applied to the workpiece this improves the quality of drilling operation grinding operation. Force control under a contact motion in robotics machining is used in different applications different machining processes, automobile industries, aerospace industries.

Keyphrases: control, force, Freedom, motion, robot

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