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Effectiveness Work Culture with Internet And Face-to-Face Applications

EasyChair Preprint no. 4507

3 pagesDate: November 4, 2020


 Work culture in the era of technology and information industry 4.0 has mushroomed since 2011 at the event Hannover Trade Fair, many innovations have spawned a lot of companies startup in Indonesia. The new culture of companies is a startup built in such a way as to motivate, build innovation and align people's needs into the world of technology, namely the work culture of Tokopedia, Gojek, and Bukalapak which strongly adheres to the work culture of the giant Google company which makes working hours very flexible, an office atmosphere that is free to provide a lot very exciting atmosphere compared to corporate work culture which is considered old-fashioned.

The company's work culture greatly influences the level of production and workflow efficiency, let's look at the work culture of the Toyota Production System with 14 Principles launched in 1992 to make products from Toyota become superior products with excellent product effectiveness. (Ohno, Taiichi, 1998 : 03)

The Covid-19 pandemic makes work culture must be built according to company needs, directly involved with community mobility, and prioritizes production efficiency in industry 4.0 there have been many innovations and improvisations for work culture changes in both corporate and companies startup.

Keyphrases: effectiveness, efficiency, Innovation, Internet

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