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Revolutionizing Retail: an Intelligent Trolley With Automated Billing System

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4 pagesDate: April 19, 2024


Supermarkets, or shopping centers, are nearly entirely technologically advanced these days. A shopping mall is a place where we may purchase various goods, such as glass goods, kitchenware, toys, food, decorative goods, and a plethora of other stuff. The benefits of shopping, like as home delivery and discounts, draw in a lot of customers. Long lines are common, especially on weekends, and customers must wait patiently for their turn. Due to people's busy schedules, a lack of interest and dissatisfaction with the services received at the billing counter, this is a time-consuming process. In order to prevent these issues, we have implemented a highly smart and successful system that also benefits us during the COVID-19 pandemic: a successful method of social distance. The Smart Trolley system is designed to address this particular issue that clients face, particularly with billing. When placing an item, it immediately scans it and displays the purchased item and its value in parallel on an LCD. It makes use of RFID technology, which scans a vast number of objects and helps shopping malls and customers save crucial time.

Keyphrases: Automated billing, Retail Technology, RFID, smart shopping trolleys

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