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Ternary Hash Tree Integrity Verifier to Secure Cloud Data

EasyChair Preprint no. 12593

6 pagesDate: March 19, 2024


 Cloud computing has transformed the landscape of data access, services, and applications, providing users with remote access to configurable computing resources. Despite these advancements, ensuring compliance with data security regulations by Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) remains a pressing concern for users, impacting their trust in these providers. To address this challenge, there is a critical need for a robust data auditing framework to reinforce users’ confidence in CSPs. This study proposes integrating Third Party Auditors (TPAs) to independently verify the integrity of outsourced data, thereby alleviating the computational burden on cloud users. This paper presents an innovative integrity checking framework to provide security for cloud data, built upon the principles of the Replica-based Ternary Hash Tree and ternary hash tree. TPAs utilize this framework for data auditing, distinguishing it from existing methods. Notably, our framework supports Node-level and document-level auditing with tree Node ordering and storage Node ordering to ensure data Security and availability in the cloud. Moreover, the framework facilitates error detection, ensures data Integrity, and accommodates updates, including Node updates, inserts, and deletions within a cloud environment. Compared to existing schemes, the THT and R-THT structures offer reduced computational costs and enhanced data update efficiency. A comprehensive security analysis of the proposed public auditing framework confirms its ability to achieve desired properties. We further evaluate its performance through rigorous experimentation, demonstrating that the proposed secure cloud auditing framework excels in security and efficiency while minimizing storage, communication, and computation costs.

Keyphrases: Auditing, File Allocation Table (FAT), Integrity, multi-cloud, Ternary Hash Tree, Third Party Auditors

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