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Assess the Role of Green Information Systems (Green IS) for Smart Mobility in Smart Cities: a Case Study Approach

EasyChair Preprint no. 11052

17 pagesDate: October 9, 2023


In our changing world, where cities are growing and environmental issues are becoming more urgent, the focus on transportation solutions has become crucial for urban planners and policymakers. One important element of these solutions is the Green Information System (Green IS), which plays a significant role in promoting smart mobility options and sustainable practices. Although there has been an increase in approaches to Smart Cities, their application to smart mobility within Smart City contexts remains limited. Thus, our study aims to shed light on the importance of Green IS in fostering mobility within Smart Cities, with a focus on Dubai. By embracing the potential of Green IS technology, Smart Cities can optimize their transportation systems, significantly reduce their impact, and enhance the mobility experience for their residents. To thoroughly investigate the effectiveness of smart mobility initiatives based on Green IS, we embarked on a journey by conducting a case study focused on Dubai City. Our findings contribute to advancing knowledge about the integration of mobility solutions using Green IS in Smart cities. Drawing from the lessons learned in Dubai City, we have gathered insights into the effective approaches that require enhancement and strategies for fostering sustainable urban mobility and a more environmentally friendly future.

Keyphrases: Green information system (Green IS), Smart City, smart mobility, Sustainability

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