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Policy Convergence Among Global Policy Actors in Education Sector: a Bibliometric Analysis

EasyChair Preprint no. 11055

15 pagesDate: October 9, 2023


With the ongoing policy changes globally, an understanding of policy con-vergence would help mitigate the inefficiencies that persist in implementing a new policy. By referring to literature in the past, taking inputs from policy actors and understanding the social and intellectual structure among the publication since 1985, this study aims to establish a starting point for fu-ture researchers and policymakers to begin their research on policy conver-gence and policy transfer. An amalgamation of 230 publications was taken from the Scopus database between 1985-2021 and subjected to biblio-metric and network analysis. Another objective of this study is to identify crucial clusters evolving from the network by conducting a co-citation analysis of references. The results make the publication trends in the do-main, influential authors, relevant journals and affiliations relevant. This paper recognizes the core research topics and theoretical frameworks in edu-cation and policy convergence. The paper concludes with suggested research prospects and its implications for policymakers to take the research forward in the future.

Keyphrases: bibliometic, co-citation, higher education, policy convergence

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