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Overcoming Digital Transformation Challenges Past the Pandemic: a Case Study During the “New Norm”

EasyChair Preprint no. 5769

18 pagesDate: June 12, 2021


Digital Transformation (DT) is the usage of digital technology, such as process automation,  Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform government services and businesses, from a paper-based  to a paperless one. Through the smart and well-planned application , digital solutions will definitely improve process efficiency,  and increase their satisfaction.  

Despite the recognition that DT has many benefits for the society as a whole, there are many challenges facing the transformation process.  According to DELL Techno 2020 DTI Report, the study highlighted fourteen (14) of the most significant global challenges that hinder the digital transformation progress.  The report reveals that the two primary barriers of DT are: 1) data privacy and security concerns, and 2) lack of  budget and resources.  However, Dell report offered possible ways to ease the impact of these challenges on the implementation process such as the alignment of strategy  changing the mindset and skillset of individuals involved.  Covid19 pandemic has impacted the whole world in a very dramatic way.  Carrying on business-as-usual, past the pandemic, is not an option anymore.  The world has to survive in a “New Norm” where digitization, wearing masks, and social distancing are way of live for the foreseeable future.  Governments and businesses have been forced to accelerate the DT activities to cope with the situation.  However, the pandemic added more challenges and barriers in the DT process.  This study highlights the digital transformation journey in Egypt, summarizing the success and the pitfalls faced, and still facing, the nation on the way.  Field investigation through structured surveys and literature reviews are used to capture the existing challenges in the new norm and recommendations of strategies to overcome them.

Keyphrases: COVID19, Digital Transformation ., DT Challenges. Egypt DT Journey . Overcoming Challenges of DT., New Norm .

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