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A review of data management for polar sciences in Japan

EasyChair Preprint no. 1759

3 pagesDate: October 24, 2019


Diverse data accumulated by many science disciplines in polar regions make up the most significant
legacy of the International Polar Year (IPY2007-2008). The Polar Data Center (PDC) of the National
Institute of Polar Research (NIPR), followed by the Polar Environment Data Science Center (PEDSC) of the
Joint Support-Center for Data Science Research (DS) since 2016 have responsibility to manage these
multi-disciplinary polar data in Japan as a National Antarctic Data Center (NADC). The data policy of
PDC/PEDSC was established in February 2007, based on the requirements of the Standing Committee on
Antarctic Data Management (SCADM) of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR). During
the IPY, a significant number of metadata records were compiled from IPY- endorsed projects. A tight
collaboration has been established between the Global Change Master Directory (GCMD), the Polar
Information Commons (PIC), and the newly established World Data System (WDS). In this presentation, a
decade of history of polar data management is demonstrated, in particular focusing on several database
of PEDSC, international collaboration among global data bodies and initiatives, data publication and
citation, as well as data journal issues (Polar Data Journal). Linkages of data sharing among Asian Forum
for Polar Sciences (AFoPS) countries, moreover, should be promoted by the involved countries in near

Keyphrases: data management, data publication, database, Global linkage, Polar Sciences

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