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E-Food: Success Factors for Establishing Online Food Retailing: a Case Study from Jordan

EasyChair Preprint no. 9178

6 pagesDate: October 28, 2022


Food industry has a significant impact on human life. However, this industry has faced many challenges in Jordan in the last decade. These challenges might be globally or locally and effecting its supply chain. Nowadays, the term e-food retailing services have become viral. These services can organize the procedure of the food sector and its supply chain. Also, it will save time and effort for consumers and provides privacy, security, reliability, and service availability. In the study, we investigated the factors that might encourage or concern people to use e-food retailing services instead of traditional food retailing services to help the conventional food retailing service operator pay attention to these factors when transferring to online services. Therefore, we developed a survey to discover these factors. Based on 78 responses, we found that delivery time and cost, food quality, food freshness, service availability, and reliability are the top factors that concern people using e-food retailing services. However, adding some to the e-food applications such as quickly reordering their previous orders, easily reviewing their previous invoices, getting a competitive price, providing special offers, providing loyalty points, privacy, security, friendliness of the user interface, and easily finding information about the food, can encourage people to use e-food retailing applications. In addition, most participants emphasized that COVID-19 encouraged them to use e-food retailing services.

Keyphrases: COVID-19, e-Food, e-food retailing, Supply Chain Management

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