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An Ameliorated “Strengthened He-Kiesler Digital Signature”

EasyChair Preprint no. 5314

3 pagesDate: April 11, 2021


The advancement of information technology, cryptanalysis technology is also changing with each passing day. He & Kiesler[4] studied the squaring of the cipher on the discrete logarithm exponent, forcing the attacker to simultaneously crack the complexity of the double hypothesis before they could challenge their system. However, Harn[6], Lee & Hwang[10] have repeatedly disproved their views by using the complexity of solving a single hypothesis without having to solve the complexity of a double hypothesis at the same time. Shao[16] tried to create another double-complexity signature strategy similar to He & Kiesler, but was denied by Li & Xiao[5]. We point that Chen etc. tried to strengthen He and Kiesler on the basis of the Laih & Kuo[1] assumptions is failed.

Keyphrases: digital signature, discrete logarithm, Dual-complexities, factorization

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