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Periodic timetabling with ‘Track Choice’-PESP based on given line concepts and mesoscopic infrastructure

EasyChair Preprint no. 1603

7 pagesDate: October 7, 2019


We present a track-choice and vehicle scheduling extension of the commonly known method for the generation of periodic event schedules ‘PESP’. The extension makes use of the mesoscopic track infrastructure representation widely used by public transport planners and operators. Taking into consideration the technical and operational constraints given by rolling stock, station and track topology data on the one hand, and the commercial requirements defined by a given line concept on the other, the method presented generates periodic timetables including train-track assignments. Due to the utilization of infrastructure based track capacities, we are also able to assess the feasibility of the line concept given. Additionally, the method allows for handling temporary resource restrictions (e.g. caused by construction sites or operational disturbances) up to a certain degree.

Keyphrases: Mesoscopic Railway Topology, Periodic Event Scheduling Problem, Service Intention, Track Choice

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