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Supply Chain Under COVID-19: a Case Study of a Multinational Pharmaceutical Company in Indonesia

EasyChair Preprint no. 9311

23 pagesDate: November 12, 2022


The healthcare sector is pivotal during a pandemic. To cope with the pandemic, a robust and resilient pharmaceutical supply chain is of paramount importance. Global logistics mobility has become a pivotal factor to enable the cross-border materials supply to arrive at the pharmaceutical production base. The COVID-19 pandemic has severely limited logistics mobility due to lockdowns, and community quarantines. A case study was conducted in an export-oriented multinational pharmaceutical company in Indonesia to investigate the main causal and intermediate events that led to the disruption of the pharmaceutical supply chain following the COVID-19 pandemic. There are two purposes of the study: (1) to provide the framework for the relevant industry in assessing the risk of the materials supply based on the logistics mobility risk and the demand projection of products with significant volume contribution; (2) to propose risk mitigation framework for supply chain planning process under similar economic shock. The study showed that air freight frequency used by the company in Q2-Q3 2020 has increased by 36 % vs YoY 2019; Materials with the highest supply vulnerabilities originated from regions Europe and North America; Concurrent supply chain planning process, Product Category Convergence Matrix, and SKU Prioritization Matrix were used by the company to formulate the strategic and operational mitigation in reducing vulnerabilities.

Keyphrases: COVID-19, Logistics Mobility, pharmaceutical supply chain, Supply Vulnerability

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